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This is my personal blog, if you know me you will be aware I often share my thoughts and beliefs. My values have changed through experience, my only purpose here is to share. Click my name above to find my business if you'd like to know more.

Topics I Discuss



Why we do what we do is sometimes the most interesting part about us. Be intentional.



We all need direction our vision of the future takes us there. Where do you see yourself?



I play chess, strategy is essential on the board and in real life. Our actions are tactics to live.



I enjoy leading teams more than participating. How do you bring your team with you?


Self Improvement

We must get better at all we do, be careful you don't focus too much one someone else.


Self Awareness

Have you learned to feel the things your brain tries to hide. Your subconscious autopilot.



Do it once its a start do it repeatedly builds self confidence. Believe in yourself.


Life Skills

There are many, most important to me is critical thinking. We must think before we do.

We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most.

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About Me

I’m Paul R Palmer.
I Help people who ask. If you don't communicate with me I won't find you .

Do you believe in a destiny provided for you or do you make your own "luck". We have but one life maybe there is an after life may be not either way let's all live it the best way we can.

Paul and my wife

Life is to be lived, enjoy your time alone and together with others you don't always get a second chance. Yesterday is history today is our gift and tomorrow is just a dream.

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“Just done my RP refresher course hosted by Paul. Was very entertaining which made it very interesting and useful refresher. I would recommend it. Thank you Paul. ”

Isabelle Martin

“Paul came on board Brown&Burk to support the team in our growth. He has provided complete support to the entire team to enhance their capabilities and in ensuring compliance to various changing regulations.
Paul is very quick to adapt and implement new technologies.
One among the selected few QP’s in UK who are technologically savvy.
Very easy to communicate and an extremely social and caring human being.”

Preetham Hiremat

"I have worked with Paul on multiple occasions and if you turn to him with any business related or other issues, he sure will help you! He has not only a strong GMP, GDP and other GxP background, but also experience and strong knowledge of the wider business processes. I like working with him as I can learn a lot, and doing so in a fun and entertaining environment. He has a good sense of humour and a good personality, balancing being serious, experienced, knowledgeable and fun in the right way."

Gabor Mihalyi
Gábor Mihályi

"I spent an hour in an online consult with Paul to get his guidance on the key business processes I need to grow my business in new markets. I found his approach to lead generation and sales really practical, insightful and comprehensive. Paul has a solid understanding of optimising both digital and non-digital channels to achieve the goals of your business. I'm excited to move forward with the next steps and have already started acting on his advice. I recommend that you contact Paul if you're looking to grow your business into new markets and increase sales. Thank you Paul!"

Keryn House
Keryn House

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